Anne (Moloney) O’Driscoll – A TRIBUTE

The Theatre, once more, has lost a pioneering practitioner. Anne (Moloney) O’Driscoll was a talented, determined theatre director at a time when it was a male dominated field. There were no half measures with Anne, but those who worked with her always maintained that they learned so much from her. In the late 1950’s she formed the famous Dublin Strand Players and kick-started the careers of many well-known professional actors. Her productions won many awards, particularly with “Ring Around the Moon”. Anne then soon established herself in professional theatre and toured with musical productions such as, “The Desert Song” and “New Moon”.

She also directed Dublin Theatre Festival Productions and, in the early 1970’s was one of the first directors to work in the original Project Theatre in Kings Street. Never afraid to tackle complex plays, her production of, “The Bald Prima Donna”, achieved critical respect.

She came from a talented family and, her sister Patricia Moloney was a fine stage actress and was also a member of the iconic RTE Players Radio Rep in its halcyon days.

Anne was also a founding member of Irish Actors Equity – Directors Section, and was a forceful and supportive committee member for many years, paving the way for better conditions for fellow directors.

Many of the Dublin theatre circle felt Anne should have had far more recognition from main stream Irish Theatre. However, she has left a lasting legacy for woman’s rights, and subsequent female directors owe her much. She has also left indelible memories for those who worked with her.

Laurence Foster,
18th July 2016