Freda King

Freda studied at The Gaiety School of Acting and has completed Acting for Camera course. A Master-class in Acting for Camera at The Actors Studio. A Masterclass with Fionnula Flanagan. Further studies including voice training with Kevin Crawford. She has co-stared in Independent films, worked in Television / Theater. Freda has just recently been cast in a supporting role in a featured Independent film.

Freda’s is very dedicated to her craft as an actor. Having started out in the business at a young age. It was at the early age of 5 yrs, I was enrolled at Connie Ryan School in Stage & Dance in Sandymount, From there my passion grew, I have been working in the business for most of my life, taking time out for family reasons. I have taken ongoing training in the arts, I’m a great believer in continued learning and improving your skills, embrace the diversity and challenges and the opportunities that your craft brings to you, most of all enjoy.!


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