Gerry Sullivan – A Tribute

The Irish Theatre World has lost another original member of the founding union, which became Irish Actors Equity Association. Gerry Sullivan a much revered actor, has died at the age of 92 in Wexford.

Though known by many for his portrayal of Dr. Howard in “The Riordans” TV series and then “Glenroe”, he made twenty other film appearances including, “Educating Rita”, “Kidnapped” and “The Irish RM”.

He was also the fourth and final Dr. Harry Murphy in RTE Radio’s longest running radio drama series, “Harbour Hotel”.

However, he was as a fine, second generation, stage actor when he established himself with the Abbey Theatre. Later he starred in, “The Country Boy”, “Does Your Mother?” “The Pearse Pageant” at the National Stadium, “Goodbye to the Hill” and “Michaelmas Eve”. Gerry featured in many Dublin Theatre Festivals, in London’s West End and, was an accomplished stage designer and director.

Moreover, he was a gentleman in every sense of the word; a joy to work with and a generous friend to all actors. He will be greatly missed by the profession that he graced so well.

Laurence Foster,
7th July, 2017

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