Tribute to Actress, Virginia Cole

Sad it is to again to salute a dearly departed colleague from the Theatre World.

Virgina Cole was only just seventeen years of age when she launched her acting career by landing the plum role of Concepta Feeney in Tolka Row, the much vaunted RTE drama series which aired from 1964-1968.

During this time, she had also established a fine theatre career and performed in most of the Dublin Theatres and, in 1971 appeared in the highly praised RTE Drama, “A Week in the Life of Martin Cluxton”.

Featured roles in Many Dublin Theatre Festivals followed and Virginia then appeared in many more movies and TV series, most notably, “The Snapper”, “Adam & Paul”, “Agnes Brown”, “The Informant” “Perfect Scoundrels”, “The Clinic” and Tara Road.

In the 1990s she played the demented schoolgirl “Slighty Bonkers”, in “Fortycoats” for RTE TV which later transferred to RTE Radio Drama.

Virginia, who later became a barrister was married to John McColgan, producer of “Riverdance”.

Always a strong, supportive member of Irish Actors Equity, she was very much a no-nonsense actress; extremely professional and always well prepared and, in the days when it was even tougher for actresses to sustain a theatrical career, she was well able to take care of herself, was extremely candid, didn’t suffer ‘fools’ gladly, or otherwise, and was never shy about letting a director know where they both stood.

We shall all miss her greatly, her camaraderie, her strength, and most of all, her friendships which never waned.

“Soft, by and by. Let us the Curtains draw”. King Lear

Laurence Foster