Following the introduction of the Copyright Act on 1st January 2001, RAAP was set up to distribute performance royalties to artists (main artists and session musicians). You are entitled to a payment when a sound recording to which you have contributed is publicly broadcast in Ireland and around the world. Our organisation was officially launched on 15th February 2001 and is … [Read More...]



Daphne was the Matriarch of one of Ireland’s biggest theatrical dynasties. Wife of Denis Brennan and mother of established actors Barbara, Stephen, Cathryn, Jane and Paul Brennan and grandmother to actor Eva Bartley. Trained at the Abbey School under Lennox Robinson, Daphne joined Shelagh Richard’s Company at the Olympia Theatre … [Read More...]



A new ruling from the European Court of Justice (CJEU) may force authorities across Europe to reverse policies that have resulted in the effective denial of full union rights to freelance workers, for over a decade. The ruling – delivered by the court in December - arises from a case taken by Dutch unions which challenged the … [Read More...]


FIA actors show their solidarity

Actors show their solidarity with the murdered workers at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (picture FIA) … [Read More...]

Read the Labour Court Recommendation December 2014

Read the full text of the Labour Court Recommendation on contracts for Equity members … [Read More...]

Membership Benefits for Equity members

Membership Services are continuing to offer great value to members across a wide and varied range of products and services. Read the latest newsletter … [Read More...]