Irish Equity, the MUI and the NUJ winning for actors and musicians

Irish Equity, the MUI and the NUJ winning for actors and musicians

This Bill which will restore the unions right to collective bargain rates for voice over actors and session musicians. Equity, the MUI and the NUJ have been fighting this battle for 12 years so today is a good day for voice over artists, musicians and freelance photographers. The Bill also deals with false self-employment for these categories for workers and will be put to the … [Read More...]


The Competition (Amendment) Bill 2016, which seeks to return collective bargaining rights to freelance workers will be back for final stage in the Seanad on Thursday 10th November. After more than a decade it is with great satisfaction that we are now seeing progress on this issue. It can now be hoped that freelance workers will … [Read More...]


International Federation of Actors 21st World Congress

Delegates preparing for the International Federation of Actors 21st World Congress covering all issues concerning performers all over the world #fia21congress … [Read More...]


Love not hate – Unite to legislate against hate crime

We need to send a clear message that racism and hate have no place in our communities and that our society should be inclusive of all. We must break the silence on hate crime, encourage people to report it, and find effective ways to address all forms of … [Read More...]

Anne (Moloney) O’Driscoll – A TRIBUTE

The Theatre, once more, has lost a pioneering practitioner. Anne (Moloney) O'Driscoll was a talented, determined theatre director at a time when it was a male dominated field. There were no half measures with Anne, but those who worked with her always … [Read More...]

Anita Reeves – A tribute

Once more, Irish Theatre is bereft of an outstanding talent. Anita Reeves achieved star status in an amazingly unassuming manner. This was reflected in her “no nonsense performances” and her boundless affection for fellow artists. Anita trained from a very … [Read More...]