SIPTU President Jack O’Connor says Brexit is the result of years of austerity

SIPTU General President, Jack O Connor, has stated that the victory of the Leave campaign in the British referendum on EU membership results from the implementation of austerity policies that have alienated working people across Europe. O’Connor said: “The vote for Brexit is the result of the years of austerity which have alienated working people all over Europe. Unless … [Read More...]


Pride Festival

This year the union will again light up the roof of Liberty Hall again in rainbow colours to mark the Pride Festival. The roof will be lit on Friday and Saturday night 10pm - 4am SIPTU LGBTQ, the Young Workers Network and SIPTU allies are marching with the SIPTU LGBTQ Network banner in the Pride Parade on Saturday. Assembly is … [Read More...]


SIPTU and Irish Equity support call for dedicated government department for the arts

Irish Equity and SIPTU have endorsed a statement issued by the National Campaign for the Arts which calls on the Government to create a Department dedicated to the arts, culture and heritage. The call follows the announcement by the Government that it intends to place the arts along with rural affairs and regional development … [Read More...]


Irish Equity calls on the Government to commission an independent study on the living and working conditions of artists

Despite the precariousness of working as an artist in Ireland, when asked in a recent survey if they would again choose to work as artists ‘if they were starting over’, an overwhelming majority (i.e. 82%) of Irish artists said yes, with just 6% saying no and … [Read More...]

Working as an actor in Ireland – the facts

Acting work does not generally correspond to what is usually considered ‘typical’ work, with much of it seasonal, short-term and contract based, or not based on any contract at all. Actors spend just under two-thirds of their working time working in their … [Read More...]

Sign the petition

To: Minister Heather Humphreys Give arts, culture and heritage the respect it deserves by creating an independent Department and setting a funding target of 0.6% of GDP (the EU average spend on arts/culture). Ireland has one of the lowest levels of public … [Read More...]