Irish Equity membership brings with it a range of benefits including representation, advice, relevant services and other things of practical value that are aimed at supporting members throughout their career. Equity means better conditions for you and your colleagues.  Your views and ideas are heard and you can make a difference – so being in Irish Equity means you can get more involved in how the industry operates.

Membership also signifies your pride in making our industry more rewarding and safer.  As a major part of the entertainment industry, Irish Equity contributes to public debate because our influence comes from the strength of our membership and of our international affiliations which makes us a stronger union. Your membership shows a commitment to your vocation and your Equity card is an international symbol of your professionalism.

  • On your behalf the Executive of Irish Equity is negotiating Minimum Terms and Conditions agreements with producers and their representatives. We are liaising with our international partners on the standards for these agreements through our affiliation with the International Federation of Actors (FIA) and their affiliates in the UK, USA, Canada etc.
  • Our members have access to representation either individually or collectively in disputes with employers.
  • Irish Equity members and their agents have access to advice on a wide range of matters from contracts and conditions for working in Ireland and/or overseas or areas of the industry that are new to you.
  • We engage in lobby campaigns with employers, governments and other bodies on a wide range of issues that affect you and the industry.
  • Irish Equity is made up of creative people from every genre, age and many cultures. Our union gives you the opportunity to network and to share and benefit from members’ experience and support. You can also upload and edit your own profile to keep your information current.

Remember: Once you pick your Professional Name we reserve this and will not allow a situation where two members have the same name.  This is crucial for the distribution of royalties and other payments as well as for credits and casting clarity.