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Desmond Bird

Profession: Actor
Hair Colour: light brown
Height: 6,0
Playing Range: 23 - 30
Eye Colour: blue
Agent or Agency Name: backstage casting - Lavina Daly
Agent Phone: 0879956029
Agent e-mail address:
Colaiste Dhulaigh- Theatre Studies/Performing Arts - FETAC / HND

Colaiste Dhulaigh - Media & Communications - HND

Centre Stage Theatre Company

2005 Musical Magic.... Chorus

2007 Christmas pantomime... Jack Sparrow

2007 South pacific..... Professor/Mimic

2008 Centre Stage.... Corny Collins/Rod

2008 Christmas pantomime.... The Joker

2008 Variety Show.... Comical Duo

2009 Bye Bye Birdie..... Various/ Chours

2009 Everyman.... Cousin

2010 Centre Stage..... Singer/Archie

2010 Christmas pantomime.... Waluigi

2011 Way Out West... Stan Laurel

2011 Smooth Criminal.. Criminal dancer

Skills: Full Clean Driving Licence

Stage Combat

Voice acting

Camera Operating



Video Editing

End in Tears - Myles Blackburn

Ripper Street - Police man

Skeleton Krew - Willie

Confession (Music video) - Military man

Converging Lines - Davis

FACTS youtube - Contributor

Rising (Web Series) - Himself

Crime Call - Criminal
Languages & Accents: Dublin - North / South / Common / D4


London - RP / Cockney / Common
TV: Crime Call - 2018
Commercials: Sky GAA - 2018
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