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Justin Aylmer

Profession: Actor Voice Over
Spotlight Number: M71011
Hair Colour: Light Brown / Silver
Playing Range: 55-60
Eye Colour: Hazel
Training: Stanislavski Studio, The Focus Theatre, Deirdre O'Connell
The New Theatre, Scene Studies, Tim McDonnell
Theatre: Dracula, Mr Hawkins, Pavilion Theatre and Holyhead Tour
The Throwaways, Wealthy Executive, Bray Heatherhouse Hotel
The Crucible, Giles Corey, National Tour
Outlying Islands, Captain, Focus Theatre
Bloomsday Centenary Celebrations of Ulysses, Fr. John Conmee, James Joyce Centre
The Respectful Prostitute, Senator Clarke, The New Theatre
Journey Through Samsara, The Inquisitor, Pavilion and Mint Theatre
The Hypochondriac, Argan, North Lotts / Magpie Theatre Company
End Of Term, Mr. Dunne, Bank of Ireland Arts Centre / National Tour
As You Like It, Le Beau, St. Stephen's Green
Saved, Harry, City Arts Centre and Andrews Lane Studio
Film: Thursday Afternoon, Old Michael, Manus McManus / IFC and RTE
TV: Prime Time / Dr Neary Case, Finbarr Fitzpatrick, RTE
The Tudors, Kings and Queens Chamberlain, Showtime USA
Rats Tales, Jack Taylor, RTE
Ballyseady, Bill Bailey, RTE
Amazing Love Stories / Shadowlands, Anglican Priest, Sky Television
Commercials: New Balance Commercial, Security Guard, ABC Television USA
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