Lunchtime talks from the creative minds at the forefront of Irish culture, science and the arts

First Up: Creative entrepreneurs on breaking through
A series of lunchtime talks from the creative minds at the forefront of Irish culture, science and the arts.

on Wednesday, 8th March from 1.00 p.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Paccar Theatre

The unique individuals featured in the First Up series believed in an idea and did everything possible to make that idea work. They invested in their own talent and creativity in order to create a career or lifestyle suited to their vision and personal aspirations.

The speakers will tell their own stories from the beginning, how they developed their ideas and will share their plans for the future.

Graham McLaren and Neil Murray were appointed as joint Directors of the Abbey Theatre in 2016. Both came to the Abbey Theatre from the National Theatre of Scotland, Graham as Associate Director and Neil as Executive Producer. Together, they are responsible for the Abbey’s programming from 2017 onwards.

You can see the full line up of speakers here.

First Up is a collaboration based at Trinity College Dublin between Science Gallery Dublin and Trinity Long Room Hub.


Larkin Commemoration

Conference: Future of Work in the Arts, Media and Entertainment Sector, 8-9 September 2016












Housing Rally Custom House at 2pm this coming Saturday 28th May

The housing situation in Dublin and around the country is at crises levels where we now have over 2,600 adults, including 790 families and over 1600 children in emergency accommodation in Dublin alone. This means moving from hostel to hostel or hotel room to hotel room with their children often on a daily basis. 74 families have become homeless in Dublin in April this year alone. There is no human dignity in this colleagues, this is a human rights issue and a trade union issue. Perhaps many of you can see the parallels to the conditions that existed for many citizens 100 years ago in 1916.

Our union is involved with the National Homeless and Housing Coalition which is also supported by a range of organisations, political parties and other unions.Together we a rallying outside the Custom House at 2pm this coming Saturday 28th May to march to the GPO to demand action on this issue.

Be part of the solution and give an hour of your time if you can.

Fair Internet for Performers


Make the Internet Fair for Performers: Sign the petition: Performers bring life and soul to artistic works. Without them, Europe would not enjoy the vibrant cultural scene it does today and the creative content sector, which makes a vital contribution to Europe’s economy, would simply not exist. However, performers are still not properly rewarded when their performances are exploited on digital media.  SIGN THE PETITION TODAY

Irish Equity AGM


The Irish Equity AGM will take place on Sunday 29th March at 2.00 p.m. in Liberty Hall Theatre. This is a members only meeting and subscriptions due can be paid on the day. All members are encouraged to attend this important event.

FIA Live Performance Conference

Second World Live Performance Conference: A landmark event for the International Federation of Actors to take place in Dublin in June. For the second time in its history, the International Federation of Actors – global federation of performers’ trade unions, guilds and professional associations founded in 1952 – organises a World Live Performance Conference. This will be a landmark event for the organisation and its some 90 members. Hosted by FIA’s members in Ireland and United Kingdom – Irish Equity and Equity – in Dublin, the event will gather some 200 performers, union representatives and industry representatives from around the world with the aim of discussing challenges, trends and best practices in the live performance sector. From June 4th to June 6th 2015, almost 50 speakers from different backgrounds and countries – including President Michael D. Higgins – will take the floor to defend performers and their role in society. READ MORE

Trade Unionists for Civil Marriage Equality


A showing of the film PRIDE – the BAFTA nominated movie that tells the story of how a group of gay and lesbian activists supported the miners during their lengthy strike in the summer of 1984.
Music From The Dublin Gay Men’s Chorus
Special Guests
Suggested Donation €20

Jim Larkin Commemoration

The Jim Larkin Commemoration will take place on Saturday 31st January in Glasnevin Cemetery at 11.00 a.m. A wreath will be laid at Jim Larkin’s grave by SIPTU Vice-President, Patricia King on behalf of the Larkin family, followed by a lament by a Piper from the Fintan Lalor Pipe Band. Oration by SIPTU General President, Jack O’Connor.

Afterwards tea and coffee will be served in the museum.


‘Lights, camera and action’ for the homeless

atticstudiobannerFollowing the tragic death of John Corrie on a Dublin street recently, film industry members have rallied to raise funds for the homeless charity Focus Ireland. An Oscar© qualified short film “Whatever Turns You On” will be made available online for the first time. As well as carrying a text number through which people can donate to the charity the film seeks to humanise the plight of homeless people.

“The central character in the film is a homeless guy who simply wants to belong,” explained the film maker Declan Cassidy. “That point seems to get through to audiences no matter where the film is shown so I felt that working with Focus Ireland would be the way to go. Their work is so very important as tragically demonstrated by the death of Mr Corrie.

“When we shot the film in Dublin City centre the actor, Luke Cameron, had to sit still for a long time in the freezing cold of winter and he was in a bad way by the time we’d finished. It struck us at the time how terrible it must be for homeless people who can’t take off their costumes and go home to a hot shower and a warm bed.”

The launch of the film is being facilitated by The Attic Studio – a community of actors, writers and directors which has been running for over 12 years

“For the past five years The Attic Studio has fund-raised for Focus Ireland at Christmas-time,” explained chairperson Camille Donegan. “so this was an obvious fit for us.”

It’s just four-minutes long but the film has charmed audiences all around the world, screening at over 100 festivals and scooping a host of awards. It qualified for Oscar© consideration in 2010 after winning the prestigious Aspen Shortsfest. It has had cinema releases in Ireland and Germany, has featured on the inflight services of airlines and has been snapped up by many tv stations around the globe including RTE, Channel 4 and national channels in France, Poland and Australia.

John Carney, director of the Oscar© winning Glen Hansard film Once said of Whatever Turns You On: “It’s a wonderfully sweet film, brilliantly acted and the ending left me with a lump in my throat. Great cast and fantastically directed.”

The film will be available to view for free online from 9pm on December 17 at