Irish Equity are offering 4 workshops over a 2 day period on Contracts and understanding the Pact/Equity Agreement.
This is important as UK co-productions undertaken in the Republic of Ireland are done on the Pact/Equity. :

Wednesday, 22nd October – 10.30am to 1pm or 2pm to 4.30pm

Thursday, 23rd October – 10.30am to 1pm or 2pm to 4.30pm

Irish Equity and Equity members may attend any one of these. Admission is free but places must be booked in advance. John Barclay, Equity Head of Recorded Media and Drew McFarlane, Scotland and Northern Ireland Regional Officer Equity will be presenting these workshops.

If you wish to attend please email us at or phone (01) 858 6403, stating which workshop you wish to attend.  workshops

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