Gabrielle Mary Reidy, actor, born 23 July 1960; died 13 October 2014

Irish actor Gabrielle Reidy, has died of cancer aged 54. Gabrielle was a member of Irish Equity and was active with British Equity during her time in residence in England. Over the course of her career Gabrielle made regular appearances at the Abbey although her career spanned across the TV, film and stage platforms. Padraig Murray, Irish Equity President fondly remembers Gabrielle as a strong and talented woman. “I have known Gabrielle for many many years since we were young actors finding our way in the industry. She was a fantastic person and hugely talented actor. We are saddened by her loss and she will be missed,” he said..

The youngest of three daughters Gabrielle is survived by her sisters, by Gary, and their teenage son, Finn.