Irish Equity says it’s time to ‘reset the clock’ as it welcomes RTÉ review process

Irish Equity has said that it is time to ‘reset the clock’ at RTÉ and has committed its members to full engagement with the review that has been announced by the Government at the national broadcaster in response to the growing scandal in relation to its governance.

Irish Equity President, Gerry O’Brien, said: “It is of great concern to the Irish Equity Executive and our members that the relationship between the national broadcaster and the entire cultural sector is we believe now in jeopardy. We believe that this has been brought about by the actions of the organisation which have shown a lack of good governance, transparency, absence of good faith negotiations as well as the unilateral alteration of agreements and contracts.

“We are particularly concerned about the terms of engagement displayed by management in relation to in-house productions and towards our members employed in Fair City. Irish Equity has at all times engaged in fair, open and good faith negotiations that ensure a level playing field, this has not be reciprocated.”

He added: “Therefore we welcome the terms of reference for the RTÉ review process.” 

Irish Equity Organiser, Michelle Quinn, said: “Our members will fully participate in the review process and stand in solidarity with our colleagues on the RTÉ Trade Union Group.

“Following the conclusion of this process we look forward to a new dawn for our members who work in RTÉ. We hope that what will follow is a new era for the national broadcaster where good governance, accountability, transparency, fairness and good faith negotiations are displayed in both word and deed. 

“In order to achieve this outcome a total cultural shift is now required. It is time to reset the clock at in RTÉ.”