Madelyn Erskine – A Tribute

Born into a theatrical family in Dublin c. 1949, her father was actor Eric Erskine and her brother Julian Erskine. Madelyn began her successful career in the Killarney Repertory Company in 1968. Leading roles followed in It’s a two-Foot-Six-Inches-Above the-Ground World and One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest, in the Olympia Theatre. Fine performances in Children of a Lesser God, Tartuffe, and a long run in Goodbye to the Hill, followed. In the 1980s, she toured Hong Kong in Romeo and Juliet. She also performed in many TV and Film Productions, Notably, The Greening of America, The Riordans, The Last of Summer and The Spike. In 1986, Madelyn moved to Dundee and soon made a mark in Bailegangaire and The Sash in Glasgow and toured with the Tayside Theatre Company. Madelyn returned to Dublin the 1990s. She was an active member of Irish Equity for many years, a great colleague and respected by everyone she worked with. She possessed a strong stage presence and became a character actress of some significance. Madelyn will be greatly missed by all of her family, friends and fellow actors, following her death on the 9th June 2021