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Siobhan Hearty

Personal phone number: 0879920778
Personal e-mail address:
Profession: Actor
Spotlight Number:
Hair Colour: Brown Mid Lenghth
Height: 5ft
Playing Range: 44-54
Eye Colour: Blue
Training: Dublin Stanislavski Group (Formely Focus Theatre)

Intensive Acting on camera with Graham Cantwell

I A Clown 1 And 2 with Raymond Keane Artstic Director with Barabbas The Company

2 Years Performing Arts Bray Institute of Further Education.

Dundalk Instiute of Technology Applied Cultural Studies
Theatre: Comedy of Errors  Joe Devlin

Terrorism Joe Devlin

Down the Middle Emily Maher Culture Night

City of Clowns Clown Maria Fleming

Judgment at Nuremberg Elsa Lindlow David Byrne

The Budget Maggie (Traveller) Paul Kennedy

Off Your Trolly Sandra Paul Kennedy

Where Have All Spoons Gone? Politician Paul Kennedy
Skills: Distorting the voice, Basic Horse Riding
Film: Tit for Tat,  Judge, Florence Ordesh

Fallen, Co-Worker,  Keith Diaz

Frank ,Martha Elaine O'Connor

Timothy,  Mrs O'Connor, Anthony Robinson


Voice Over: Ladybird Lili General Bug Scott Kelly
Languages & Accents: Belfast , American