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Kathleen Warner Yeates

Personal phone number: +353868244826
Personal e-mail address:
Profession: actor, director, writer, singer, teacher, theatremaker
Spotlight Number: 0610-9087-2453
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 5'5"
Playing Range: 42-52
Eye Colour: Blue
Agent or Agency Name: Alex Cusack Management
Agent Address:
Agent Phone: +353 87 9603138
Agent e-mail address:
Training: BFA Related Arts and Theatre, Kutztown University, PA. U.S.

M.A. Acting / Directing Villanova University, PA, U.S. (Graduate Assistant)

NEW YORK THEATRE (partial list)
All My Sons Lydia 28th Street Theatre East, Off Broadway Jack Allison
Rasputin ( Play with Music) Czarina Alexandra Samuel Beckett Theatre, Off Broadway Anthony DiPietro
Poetry of Stone Kitty Synchronicity Space Ray Yeates
The Maids Clare Art & Work Ensemble Anthony Di Pietro
Vinegar Tom Ellen Art & Work Ensemble Derek Todd
The Old Maid

The Adding Machine

Delia Lovell

Mrs. Two

Sarah Field
Art & Work Ensemble

Art & Work Ensemble

Pulse Ensemble
Derek Todd

Anthony Di Pietro

Alexa Kelly
Arms and the Man Louka OasisTheatre Brenda Bynum
King Lear Goneril Oasis Theatre Brenda Bynum
The Seduction

Comedy Night

Making Saints
“The Actress”

Tobias Thaddeus

Sister Marta Callas
Willliam Redfield Theatre, W. 45th St

Synchronicity Space

Crow Bar
James Golden

Kelly Cleary

Torben Brooks


REGIONAL THEATRE (U.S.A. – partial list)
PenultimateSherlockHolmes Mrs. Piper(a medium) Pennsylvania Stage Company Charlie Hensley
Ah, Wilderness Belle Hedgerow Theatre James Christy
Childe Byron Young Woman Wilma Theatre Blanka Zizka
Crimes of the Heart Babe Vasey Theatre Terry Guerin
A Dream Play

Brecht’s Galileo

Spring’s Awakening
Daughter of Indra


Marta Bessell
Vasey Theatre

Vasey Theatre

Vasey Theatre
James Christy

Lon Winston

James Christy
The Crucible

Return to the River
Mercy Lewis

Sarah Myers
Philadelphia Drama Guild

Bushfire Theatre
Michael Murphy

Al Simpkins
Davey Crockett

Way Out West
Eleanor Vaughn

Dore VanTynne
The Great American Melodrama

The Great American Melodrama
Peter Wright

Michael Cooper
When It Hits the Air

Little Foxes

Ah, Wilderness

World of Carl Sandberg

Regina Giddens


Elizabeth Upstead

Walnut Street Studio Theatre

Kutztown University Theatre

Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Kutztown University Theatre

Jim Caldwell

Annette Mazaferri

Susan Hope

Annette Mazaferri
MUSICAL THEATRE (U.S.A. – partial list)
The Threepenny Opera




Fiddler on the Roof


Oh, Rats!


Damned Yankees

Whisper Rings

Polly Peachum

Bacchant Woman

Sally Bowles



Fiona MacLaren

Mistress O’Flynn

Gypsy Rose Lee

Gloria Thorpe


Chestnut Mare
Villanova Summer Theatre

American Music Theatre Festival

Kutztown University Theatre

Kutztown University Theatre

Kutztown University Theatre

Montogmery Community Theatre

Reportory Company of Bucks County

Methacton Theatre

Methacton Theatre

Vasey Theatre

Hope Summer Repertory Theatre
Terry Guerin

Jiri Zizka/George Faison

Roberta Crisson

Jeffrey Poe

Roberta Crisson

Stephen Brown

Susan Atkinson

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown

Terry Guerin

Susan Hope
Skills: Singing: Soprano with a rich belt, , Excellent Movement Skills Sports (windsurfing, softball, Frisbee, skiing) Professional Storyteller for Central Park Conservancy, NYC.

Title Role Company Director
Roadkiller (feature) Amy Henders (Lead) Aiko Productions (release 1999) Robert Fuld
Killers (feature) Mary Killoran (lead) Mourning Dove Pictures/Peacock(1999) Robert Hanlon
The Theft (short) Rebecce (lead) N.Y.U. Grad film (Academy Award Director) Keiko Ibi
Lift (short)

Albert Nobbs (feature)

Love, Rosie (feature)

The Hiding

Pots and Pans
Woman (lead)

Laundry Maid

American Woman


Dublin Film (2001)

Parallel Films /Mocking Bird Pictures (2012)

Constantin Film (2014)

DIT (2015)

DIT (2014)
Devin Doyle

Rodrigo Garcia

Christian Ditter

Seán Donnallan

Darren McHugh
Voice Over: Multiple Commercial and Industrials

See: Volcanic Voiceover Agency at
Languages & Accents: Dialects: New York, Mississippi, Philadelphia, Georgia, Chicago, North Country, English RP

Revelation Cast Recording          Tomato Records
Merrill Lynch Voice Over as “Investor”  Investor Marketing Packet and On-site
Central Park Visitor’s Center Mother Nature             Interactive Video, / AT&T Produced  
Sony / The Wiz

Astra Pharmaceutical

Cash & Carry Kitchens

Dr. Jane

National Commercial .U.S.A.

Live Role Play for Sales Training

PULP Productions / Ireland
Dance: Excellent movement skills, and basic jazz and modern dance.
Other: Professional director, writer and storyteller.