Open meeting for all actors

The Executive of Irish Equity is holding an open meeting for all actors in the Republic of Ireland on March 9th at 2pm in Liberty Hall Theatre.

The purpose of this meeting is to engage the broader acting community in a conversation about the issues and challenges facing actors in modern day society.

The meeting is open to all actors, both members of the union and non-members are welcome and encouraged to participate in the discussion.

Eanna Casey from the Recorded Artists Actors Performers (RAAP) will give a presentation on the role of the collection society with emphasis on payments that accrue abroad because of legislative entitlement. RAAP for is an Irish not-for-profit organisation set up to ensure that performers receive the performance royalties that are due to them both nationally and globally.

Stephen Spence, Assistant General Secretary Equity UK will also address the meeting.

We look forward to a good discussion on the day.

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