Screen Producers Ireland and Irish Equity sign collective agreement

Screen Producers Ireland and Irish Equity signed a collective agreement covering Irish TV drama production on Wednesday (30th March).

The agreement provides for terms and conditions for artists employed on television drama productions commissioned by Irish broadcasters and reflects agreements in other jurisdictions where artists participate in profits generated from the sale of the programmes after an initial defined period.

The signing follows 18 months of progressive negotiations producing the first ever collective agreement for artists working in the TV drama industry.
CEO of Screen Producers Ireland, Barbara Galavan, said: “This is a significant agreement which is comparable to best international standards and will provide certainty for both producers and actors working in Irish TV drama. The growth of TV drama globally continues to contribute significant economic and cultural benefits to the countries where it is produced. Irish TV drama has the potential to grow in line with the global market place, providing a platform for Ireland’s cultural identity on a world stage.

She added: “Adequately funded Public Service Broadcasting is an essential ingredient for success of the sector. Government urgently needs to address reform of the television licence fee so that more indigenous TV drama productions can be produced for Irish and international audiences.”

Irish Equity Organiser, Karan O’Loughlin, said: “We are pleased to be signing this agreement today on behalf of performers in Irish TV drama. Breaking away from the full buyout model to an agreement that moves towards a more equitable situation for actors in the long run is a significant breakthrough in the industry in general. This three year agreement gives all the stakeholders the opportunity to engage constructively in the development of Irish TV drama and we absolutely concur with the call for adequately funded Public Service Broadcasting to continue to set the pace for the development of Irish TV drama to international standards.”

The agreement was signed on behalf of Screen Producers Ireland by Lesley McKimm, Chair of the SPI Film and TV Drama Committee and on behalf of Irish Equity by Padraig Murray, President of Irish Equity.

For further information contact:
CEO Screen Producers Ireland, Barbara Galavan: 01 662 1114

Irish Equity Organiser, Karan O’Loughlin:

Additional Information
Screen Producers Ireland is an employer’s representative body for independent television producers.
Irish Equity is the representative body for actors in the Republic of Ireland.
The Irish Equity Screen Producers Ireland Agreement provides the minimum terms and conditions for all artists (excluding instrumental musicians, crowd artistes, Walk-On/Background Artists, Stunt Artists and dancers performing only in those capacities), employed in the production of indigenous Irish TV drama, commissioned by an Irish broadcaster, BAI, IFB or any other Irish State funding body.
Start date of the agreement: 1st May 2016
Duration of the agreement: three years