Working as an actor in Ireland – the facts

factsActing work does not generally correspond to what is usually considered ‘typical’ work, with much of it seasonal, short-term and contract based, or not based on any contract at all.

Actors spend just under two-thirds of their working time working in their profession with the remainder divided between other work or unemployment. Almost half of the time that actors spend working as actors is spent in either unpaid or speculative work with about one-third reporting not normally having written employment contracts. Just two in five professional actors spend all of their time working as actors, often or always working more than 55 hours a week.

Empirical evidence estimates that the average income of professional actors from their work as actors is under €15,000, with half earning €8,000 or less and very few have pension provision.

Just because you are on TV or in Film does not mean that you know where your next pay cheque is coming from. The fact is that majority of actors live a stressful and uncertain life regardless of what is portrayed in the print media.